Monday, September 10, 2007

Travel Medical Insurance - Why You Can't Leave Home Without One

by Wade Robins

It's bad enough to fall ill or to encounter an accident these days, but it's worse if it happens to you while you're in a place that's far from home. You're out of reach of close friends and family members, you're in an unfamiliar place, and even the doctors who are likely to treat you are total strangers.

Travel medical insurance can't make everything alright, but it can substantially lessen your worries. When you know that you won't have to worry about paying the bills or going back home in case something unexpected happens, traveling becomes so much more enjoyable. Peace of mind is indeed priceless.

There are several companies offering travel medical insurance whose websites are comprehensive. This means that you can perform a veritable canvassing of prices and policies without having to leave the comforts of your home. Some websites even offer free personalized quotes and compare packages from different companies.

First, choose a company that offers 24/7 service for your travel medical insurance. What's the use of getting protection when you can't be served when you need it? Second, choose the package which you think would benefit you the most. If you feel that you can manage with a policy that pays only a percentage of your medical bills, that's fine. They would, of course, cost a lot less than travel medical insurance policies that would practically "pay all the bills."

Third, ask your travel medical insurance agent about pre-existing medical conditions which may disqualify you from making certain claims. This is especially important if you are 55 years of age or older. It's a given that any kind of policy has its own fine print, so make sure you read it thoroughly.

Feel free to ask travel medical insurance companies about health advisories and required vaccinations. If you fail to comply with the rules set forth by the country you are visiting, chances are your travel medical insurance won't be liable for the medical costs you'd incur that are related to that ruling which you failed to pay attention to.

A few of the items you need to look into when choosing your travel medical insurance are doctors' fees, hospital payments, ambulance services, emergency treatments, return flights home, and prescriptions.

Next time you fly, don't get caught flat-footed. You'll be saved from a lot of trouble when you're armed with the right kind of travel medical insurance.

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Travel Medical Insurance - Why You Can't Leave Home Without One



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The reasons that you have stated clearly justifies the need for this policy. I am too convinced after reading all these points. I never planned to buy this policy but now will surely make out one before planning a travel trip.
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