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Insurance you need when traveling

by Will Moore

Whenever you plan to travel abroad, travel insurance, from one of the reputed travel insurance companies, needs to be considered for the trip. Traveling anywhere outside your country of citizenship is not without risks. An easy way to offset some of this risk is through travel insurance.

Travel insurance may include an accidental death and dismemberment policy, a policy for repatriation of the remains, or medical emergency and emergency medical evacuation while you are on a trip outside the United States.

Depending on where you are going for your trip, and why, additional coverage like foreign commercial liability, foreign automobile liability or foreign workers compensation and sickness policies might become necessary.

Make sure that you check with your doctor or contact your insurance professional in order to discuss the details of your trip, and figure out your insurance needs.

Travel insurance from most travel insurance companies can be arranged a long time, even months, before the actual trip, and consists of a range of insurance coverage services safeguarding you throughout your trip, before, during, and after. In truth, accidents, emergencies, and unforeseen events can happen anywhere, and to anyone. Travel insurance companies, and their policies give you the peace of mind of having protected your investment and your health, as well as your belongings. It

Protects your investment if you have to cancel

Provides emergency medical referral and assistance

Reimburses unexpected expenses due to emergencies

Protects you during the medical emergency

Provides medical assistance abroad

Provides emergency evacuation if necessary

The AAA Insurance Company, for example, provides insurance for the basic travel needs, along with many other services. While many other companies like Travel Guard, have plans that provide Primary Emergency Medical coverage, and Trip Interruption plans that refund the a large part of the cost of a one-way ticket or the non-refundable trip cost.

Travel Guard guarantees payment to the relevant medical facility and makes your admission easy, and also continues to cover your medical expenses for as long as one year after you return home.

If you have to seek medical treatment while you are on your trip, companies like Travelex will cover Emergency Medical & Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation. Advance payment is generally made to the Hospital if it is needed to secure admission.

In addition, some policies may cover the cost of delayed flights and lost luggage, and evacuating the person to the nearest adequate medical facility, or a hospital of choice, if necessary.

The Emergency Medical coverage usually ends, however, as soon as you reach your home, especially if you have been returned under the Emergency Medical Transportation/Evacuation coverage

The plans from travel insurance companies like Travel Safe cover the losses incurred due to family members not scheduled to travel with you, up to a maximum of six people per cancellation / interruption claim due to an accident or sickness of just one person in the party.

Several insurance companies offer stand-alone medical evacuation insurance. The costs range from $69 to $109 a trip at Travel Guard to Access America's annual policies beginning at $190 per person.

Travel insurance companies like Medjet Assist specialize in medical evacuations and offer a range of membership options. These may vary from seven-day coverage, at $85 a person, to a year's coverage at $225 a person. Most also have slightly cheaper package options for families.

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Insurance you need when traveling



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