Sunday, September 30, 2007

Travel Insurance With A Difference!

Checking the small print in your travel insurance policy to see that you are covered to do what you intend to do whilst on holiday is essential before you go. If you intend to arrive at your resort bungee jumping from a helicopter, as the latest contestants in 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!' were required to do, then perhaps it would be wise to check that your travel insurance policy covers you before you go.

Most, if not all, travel insurance policies, will exclude certain activities, known in the trade as ‘Hazardous Activities.

It is very important to choose a travel insurance provider who try and give as much information to their customers on what activities are or are not covered and what may be done if the right procedures are in place and the correct safety precautions taken. So some firm advice is to check your "comprehensive travel insurance policy" before you go away, once on holiday, and just before you rush to dive with sharks! If you are interested in purchasing a single or annual travel insurance policy why not take a look at and see what is and what is not covered. You can see for yourself how easy and simply customers can buy a policy online to suit their needs.

So returning to the exam question, can you Zorb or indeed bungee jump? Well, actually you can, provided they are properly supervised activities, (though whether we would recommend you did the latter from a helicopter is a moot point) and your travel insurance provider has supplied you with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Why you would want to jump from a perfectly serviceable aircraft is beyond most peoples understanding!

After having been on holiday in America this January, I decided to do some extreme American sports only to injury myself enough to need medical treatment. As it was my first time in the US I didn’t realize the costs involve with medical treatment but it was going to be fine because I had taken out an advanced travel insurance policy that was going to cover me for everything…and then again, maybe not!

Travel Insurance With A Difference!



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