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Travel Insurance and Roadside Assistance for Your Caravan Holiday

by Smith Chen

It is not until you break down that you realise just how much you really need insurance and roadside assistance. This is even more compounded when you are a long way from home on a holiday and you have no other way of getting anywhere or doing anything if your can or caravan has broken down.

You can not put a monetary price on your peace of mind. Insurance and roadside assistance provides that peace of mind when you are traveling so you can just enjoy your holiday.


Before you take out your insurance, make sure you read and understand what is actually covered. Make sure it covers everything you need for the activities you have planned for your holiday and also covers the areas you intend to visit and stay. If you intend going off the beaten track, doubly make sure this is covered. Check out the "extras", including such items as a free car hire in the event of an accident and if this appeals to you it may be worth paying the little bit extra. Prices can vary quite significantly so shop around first.

Make sure your comprehensive insurance covers both your vehicle and caravan. The benefits are obvious: the loss of some personal items within a vehicle is covered, as is damage to the vehicle through theft, vandalism or accident. Perhaps the most important benefit is the peace of mind you will have knowing you are covered if you are unfortunate to need insurance.

Make sure you carry copies of your insurance policies with you when you are on the road.

Roadside Assistance

Many new motor vehicles are sold with a manufacturer's warranty that includes roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. The warranty varies from one to three years or "X" number of kilometres, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Check your policy carefully before you go. Make sure it covers the kind of travel you intend and the places you want to go. Details of your roadside assistance package, including contact numbers, are usually contained in the glove-box folder.

If you are not buying a new vehicle and not covered as above with your existing vehicle or you do not think the warranty offered is suitable, you should consider becoming a member of your State based motoring organisation. Similar to your insurance and roadside assistance, you will only fully realise the benefit of becoming a member if you break down and need them. The State based organisations all offer reciprocal breakdown assistance around Australia.

Different levels of membership are offered, so check out what is most suitable to you. If you are planning to more adventurous activities you may wish to go for the top level cover, which in most areas offers unlimited service calls and free towing. Motoring organisations also offer travel advice and sell maps, guide and car accessories. Once you have used their services, you may decide that the membership fee was the best money you ever spent.

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Travel Insurance and Roadside Assistance for Your Caravan Holiday



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