Thursday, October 25, 2007

Travel Under Cover With Low Cost Holiday Insurance

by MT David

Travel enthusiasts in UK are either off to their ski holidays or are desperately planning for next summer's break. Other than the usual tourist hotspots, exotic lands in far away countries are on the hot-list of almost everyone. Travel insurance is a necessary evil that all of us will have to indulge in. With the global threat of terrorism, it has become all the more imperative that people who are travelling by public transport get insurance cover.

But otherwise as well, the usual demons like sickness, lost baggage, cancelled trip, illness of loved ones, missed flights, theft of valuables etc make insurance a must-have instead of an indulgence. Those going for a ski holiday must consider insurance all the more because there are more and more cases of patients not being able to afford airlifting in case of accidents on ski slopes.

Many people think that just because they are paying for their holiday through their credit card, they can make do with the free insurance cover given with it. But on reading the finer print, one finds that the cover is not absolute and has several clauses working against the interest of the insured. Moreover, credit card companies are third party providers, thus causing difficulties during the times of the claims.

Your best bet would be to compare various travel insurance providers online. Just browse through their pages and choose the best quotes. This comparing should be done not just on the basis of quotes but the extent of coverage as well. For example, you would do well to enquire whether the cover is extended to cancellation of holiday in case your loved ones fall sick.

Those on a tight budget can get low cost holiday insurance by keeping a few things in mind. It would be wise to check if your home cover includes lost or stolen items during travelling. Most home insurance covers include this clause and if your cover does too, you can save a lot of money. Besides, travel insurance often doesn't cover the full value of the valuables unlike home insurance where the full value of the lost item is compensated. So, if you want an extra low cost holiday insurance, its better to get a cover for lost valuables from your home insurance rather than pay extra premium on your travel insurance.

So, if you are heading out to the sun or the ski slope, make sure to travel under cover. You would want to make sure that your holiday remains memorable for all the right reasons!

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Travel Under Cover With Low Cost Holiday Insurance



At September 13, 2012 at 7:48 AM , Blogger Betty said...

I used to travel once or twice a year so think that a travel plan will be a waste of money to me. If there is any customized plan that help me to insure my number of visits then I will definitely plan to buy this option.
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